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Current release of Repbase Update


Repbase, also known as Repbase Update, is a Database of Repetitive DNA published by Genetic Information Research Institute. You may download the content of the Database under the following conditions:

  1. You agree NOT to make the Repbase (or any part thereof, including Repbase Reports, Repeat Maps and other derived materials, modified or not) available to anyone outside your research group. "Make available" includes leaving the data where it may be accessible to outside individuals without your direct knowledge (e.g. on a computer to which people outside your group have login privileges), as well as directly providing it to someone. Refer any requests for the Database to GIRI (http://www.girinst.org).

  2. You agree NOT to use the Repbase for commercially restricted sequencing and/or proprietary sequence analysis. Commercially restricted sequencing is defined as sequencing for which a company retains patenting or licensing rights regarding the sequence, or the right to restrict or delay dissemination of the sequence; with the sole exception that sequencing is not considered to be commercially restricted if it is federally funded and the investigators adopt the data release policies endorsed at the Wellcome Trust-sponsored Bermuda meeting, i.e. immediate release of data as it is generated).
            If you are doing commercially restricted sequencing or other proprietary activities involving any portion of Repbase see the instructions at the top of this page.

  3. You agree to properly cite the Database and its specific, original contributions if directly related to your work (see References for details).

  4. All members of your group with access to the Database agree to the same conditions.

By downloading any portion of the Repbase you hereby agree to all of the above

Here you will find the Repbase Update collection.
You can either download the entire collection:

then use:
        gunzip RepBase29.06.embl.tar.gz
        tar xvf RepBase29.06.embl.tar
or, if you have gtar installed:
        gtar -zxvf RepBase29.06.embl.tar.gz
to untar and uncompress it;

or you can download each section separately from the subdirectories:

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