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Submissions to Repbase Reports/Repbase

You can submit your sequence directly using the RepbaseSubmitter tool. If you need help using RepbaseSubmitter, you can check out the RepbaseSubmitter Quick Guide. You can also read the original paper published on RepbaseSubmitter, Annotation, submission and screening of repetitive elements in Repbase: RepbaseSubmitter and Censor. For large scale submissions requiring automatic annotation see below.

RepbaseSubmitter Applet version

For your convenience, an applet version of the formatting tool is available. It has limited functionality compared to the standalone version because disk operation are forbidden by Java security policy, so the "Load from File..." and "Save to File..." functions will not work. Instead, use Copy/Paste from/to "Summary" page and the "Load from Text" function.

RepbaseSubmitter Standalone version

A standalone version of the formatting tool with full functionality is available.

Sun JRE (Java Runtime Environment) must be installed on your system in order to execute the program.

Large Scale Submissions

If you have large number of unannotated sequences for submission please contact webmaster@girinst.org for assistance in automatic annotation and submission.
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