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About Repbase Reports

Repbase Reports (RR) is an electronic journal (ISSN# 1534-830X) established in 2001 by Genetic Information Research Institute (GIRI). It will be published monthly.

RR will publishes consensus sequences of Transposable Elements and other repetitive DNA, unreported anywhere else. They must be properly classified. A brief description is welcome. All data published in RR will remain permanently archived and can be quoted like any other article published in the scientific journal. In addition, the sequence data and the accompanying commentaries will be automatically reprinted in Repbase, also known as Repbase Update, and distributed worldwide.

Our goal is to provide the research community with a rapid publication devoted to organizing, studying and permanently recording the diverse and rapidly growing information on repetitive DNA. In the past, similar information was published directly in Repbase Update. Repbase will continue to compile sequence information available through public domain but will no longer accept original data.

The following will be considered for electronic publication:

  1. Consensus sequences of new repetitive families and subfamilies as well as short descriptions of these sequences and adequate references.
  2. Extended and improved consensus sequences of known repetitive families accompanied by new biological information.

The entire communication in RR should not exceed one printed page per new element (excluding the sequence data). All contributions will be peer-reviewed.

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