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[Our mission: To understand the processes altering the genetic makeup of different organisms as well as their biological and medical impact.]

The Genetic Information Research Institute (GIRI), founded in 1994 by Dr. Jerzy Jurka, is a private, nonprofit institution devoted to the study and characterization of repetitive or mobile DNA elements in eukaryotic species. The Institute maintains and develops Repbase, also known as Repbase Update, a database of representative repetitive sequences from eukaryotic species. Repbase is being used worldwide as the reference standard for annotating the presence of repetitive DNA in genomic data. GIRI publishes Repbase Reports, a monthly e-journal that reports newly identified repetitive DNA elements, which are subsequently stored and shared in Repbase. GIRI also provides computational tools (Censor and RepbaseSubmitter) and online services for screening and submission of the repeats.


September 25, 2022
Repbase Update Volume 27, Issue 9
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September 25, 2022
Repbase Reports Volume 22, Issue 9
(ISSN# 1534-830X; Registration required)
September 15, 2022
Repbase Update - REPET Edition
(Registration required)
February 24, 2022
2021 Year in Review. From 2017 onward, a short annual report will be presented at the beginning of each year.
April 12, 2019
Repbase Access Requires A Subscription
October 26, 2018
Repbase Update - RepeatMasker Edition
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