File zebunc.ref contains 958 unfinished consensus sequences of

unclassified repeats extracted from the library at

This library contains consensus sequences of 1225 repeats.

repeat identification software. This identifies the majority of repeats

present more than 400 times in zebrafish genome.

WashU) as individual examples of repeats (through BLAST analysis of a 2%

sample of zebrafish genome against the entire zebrafish WGS database

(~4,000,000 traces, data from spring 2002), and includes most repeats

present greater than 50 times in the genome.

We have replaced 267 repeats present in the library

by a set of consensus sequences of classified transposable elements

that are reported in Repbase Update and Repbase Reports.

File shows relationships between the replaced unclassified elements

and the corresponding elements deposited in Repbase.